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Gravity Separator
Sturdily built Gravity Separator is utilized to sort and separate damaged seeds to maintain quality of grains like peanut, sesame, rice and coffee. This machine uses air under high pressure while grains are spread over its vibrating deck.
Aspiration Systems are used for precise cleaning of small stone particles, dust and other impurities present in food grains. This farm equipment is easy to operate and all its parameters are adjustable.
Conveying Equipment is used as reliable solution to transfer bulk amount of goods. Its application can be noticed in packaging industry, warehouses and in different fields. This system consists of adjustable stationary rotary drum and well lubricated swivel bearings.
Trichromatic Full Color Camera Sorter
Known for its advanced image acquisition technology, this Trichromatic Full Color Camera Sorter is capable of identifying different parameters of grain defect. High output level, ease of handling and prolonged service life are its main attributes.
Coffee Huller
Available in different working capacity, weight and power usage based options, offered range of ergonomically developed Coffee Huller is used for effective hulling of dry cherry and parchment coffee beans by producing less dust at minimal breakage rate.
Pressure Destoner
Pressure Destoner is used for fast separation of metal particles, glass and small stone particles present in granular substances that include food grains. This destining equipment can be attached with aspirator.
Vibro Grader
Vibro Grader is used for grading food grains like corn, beans and peas on the basis of their size. Spacious screens with multiple holes of this grading equipment promote higher output.
Husker for Pulses
We are the front most entity dealing in a large variety of Huskers for Pulses. They are made technically using the creative and innovative ideas of experts to ensure their optimum functioning for many number of years.