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Our products are acknowledged in the market for their Precision, Reliability and Performance. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, offering quality products has been the foremost objective of Spectrum Industries. For instance, the S-4001 MAXIMA, Trichromatic CCD Camera based Color Sorters that Spectrum Industries offers, feature Tri-linear, RGB (Red, Green & Blue) CCD Cameras having 5400x 3 pixels, with Quad Solid State LED Lighting, in order to provide multi-colour scanning with precision sorting accuracy and excellent production capacities. Our focus towards Innovation, Timely delivery and Client Satisfaction has helped us to build a strong customer base and an excellent rapport in the Regional and International markets.

Spectrum's Future Plans

With our Technological edge and Continuous Product Innovation, we are focused on expanding the markets for our Color Sorting Machine and other Equipment in the Regional markets. Moreover, we are also putting strong efforts to target the Food Processing Industry in the markets of Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Quality Assurance

Spectrum Industries adheres to a strict quality management program, at every stage of its operation, in order to ensure that its products are of Superior Quality. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified Company, that has been certified by the British Standard Institute. Our entire manufacturing process is supervised by highly Qualified Engineers, who work in tandem with Experienced Technicians, so as to ensure product specifications are met always. The finished Equipment is thoroughly inspected and tested for their precision, accuracy and performance, thus ensuring that only Equipment meeting the necessary quality standards set by the company are released into the market and delivered to our customers.

Our Product Line

Spectrum Industries offers a wide range of precisely Engineered Products for the Food Processing Sector. We are a distinguished manufacturer of the following products:
  • Trichromatic & Monochromatic CCD Camera based Color Sorters
  • Gravity Seperators
  • Pressure & Vacuum De-Stoners
  • Vibro Graders
  • Coffee Hullers
  • Coffee Huller Peeler Polishers
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevators
Areas Of Application/Turnkey Projects
  • Coffee Processing Plants
  • Pulse Processing Plants
  • Groundnut Processing Plants
  • Wheat Cleaning, Grading and Colour Sorting Plants
  • Complete Plants for processing various food grains
Our Gravity Separators provide a highly efficient, simple and economical method of separating products on the basis of the difference in their Specific Weight, and is widely used in a variety of industries. With Heavy-duty construction, ease of Installation and Consistent operation, these machines have made a mark for themselves, for most of the applications of Seed and Grain Cleaning.

Infrastructural Set-up

Spectrum Industries has an outstanding Infrastructural setup, comprising of a State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Our Facilities are balanced with a perfect combination of Precision Machinery and excellent Human Resources, in order to produce an Array of innovative Products for our valued customers. As a technologically driven organization, Spectrum Industries invests substantially in the areas of R & D, Technology up-gradation and Employee Training.

Custom-Designing & Manufacturing

Spectrum Industries is a nationally acknowledged manufacturer and exporter of top-quality Color Sorting Machine and other equipment from an individual to custom-engineered machinery as well as turnkey processing systems for food processing industry since 1993. We engineer equipment conforming to customer specifications for specific application as well as measuring up to global quality standards. We possess in-house Research facility that encourages developments and improvement in design and enhance overall quality parameters. Our focus has ever been on creating customer satisfaction with constant innovation. Today, we are reckoned be an illustrious manufacturer and meanwhile complying with regulations and environment-conservation norms prevailing around the world for safer, high-performance and cost-efficient commercial equipment.

Customer Oriented Approach

Spectrum Industries has been catering to a wide clientele, owing to the expertise that we have developed in our domain. Our Application Engineers, thoroughly understand the needs and specific requirements of our clients, and then go on to suggest and design suitable products and solutions, and have them implemented accordingly, in order to meet and exceed all their expectations.

We offer a wide range of optional features in our products, for our clients to choose from, including a variety of high-end machinery that included Precision Color Sorting Machine as well as Cleaning and Grading Equipment, with advanced features, and this has contributed to make us the most preferred choice by most of our Customers Worldwide.

Why Us

Our arduous efforts and unslakable thirst to bring out unmatched product like to the market has shaped a leading position in the industry, both nationally and globally. Spectrum is a byword for optimum quality, innovation and ingenious solution. Following are a few of the attributes that stand us in good stead in our functional domain:
  • Expeditious delivery
  • Custom-designed options
  • Out of the box solution
  • Product excellence
  • Optimal Product quality
  • Technologically sophisticated product line

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